One of those times: when you realize your children are not yours alone

While Sydney and I were in the kitchen this afternoon, we suddenly heard Katherine break out in song:

“Hey, Jude, don’t make it bad.  Take a sad sooooooooong and make it better.  Remember to let her into your heart . . .”

And suddenly I realized that my daughter had been introduced to the Beatles.  And definitely not by Sydney or me.  She had all the lyrics down, too (at which point I suddenly thought: the Beatles have great lyrics for kids to pick up . . . incredibly easy, even if she did actually say “Hey, June,” instead of “Hey, Jude), so she’s certainly heard it a few times.  She knew more of the lyrics than I did!  Dad, is this part of your music rotation, or are the Beatles now standard fare at the nursery?


UPDATE: This morning Katherine serenaded me with “Let It Be,” so her nursery teacher must be on a bit of a Beatles kick.

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