Technical difficulties

Today Sydney and I spent quite a lot of time switching computers.  Sydney’s taking my laptop to England, so I am getting a crash course in Linux on his desktop in the few days before he leaves.  But it’s not the Linux stuff, per se, that’s bothering me so far.  I’m sure somewhere down the line I’ll be annoyed that the entire system is designed to be as unlike Windows as possible, but right now I’m simply weirded out by fonts.  I didn’t think I had much personal investment in computers, having worked in several offices where I bounced from computer to computer, but by now I’ve got a rather personalized computer and I am loathe to leave it.  Oh yeah, and I’ve gotten rather attached to Stickies; they, with my planner, help me to organize my life.

Since I will no longer be carting my laptop to school (where I don’t have ready access to another computer) and Sydney should well be preoccupied by something other than a computer in Oxford, we’ll see how our blogging fares.  If you’re ‘lucky,’ I’ll be so bored and Sydney-sick that I write frequently, and he’ll be so excited by his new experiences that he’ll want to share with you all.  Then again, have you frequently seen Sydney excited?


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