I know, I know: all you want are the pictures

Both kids are doing really well right now.  Both have made great strides at reining in tempers, helping with household chores, and taking care of each other.  Katherine is quite proud that she can make her bed by herself (since it’s against a wall, she has to do a lot of furniture-moving each morning), and, between them, the kids can take care of jackets and shoes before we head out in the mornings.

When Sydney’s in Ohio and the kids have to go to school early, I can wake them at 7:15 and we can walk out the door at 7:30 so that they’re at school by 7:45 and I’m teaching at 8:00.  They do a great job!  It also helps that we have a really lovely walk to school, across the university and seminary grounds.  I think Katherine and Nathaniel think of this entire town as their playground.



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