My cold is clearing up.  I sat through a meeting this afternoon with nary a cough nor sniffle.  Yes!  I have a bit of trouble getting the voice going, though, and I think Sydney is enjoying a slightly quieter Erin, though I make up for it in moans and sneezes and such.  I also have got a whopping cold sore, so I’m ugly but getting pretty healthy.  🙂

Sydney has housing for the majority of his stay in Oxford.  We can’t move in when we get there, though, so we’re still working on housing for us, but I’m glad to know that by the time I leave I’ll see him safely ensconced in his home.  What with him living almost two miles from the library in Oxford and me picking up his shoveling while he’s away, we might be slightly more fit by the end of this gig!  Of course, I’ll be the one with a deep freeze full of food and no one to look askance when I crave sugar, so I will have the harder time keeping up my end of the bargain.  But he’ll have the famous British clotted cream to contend with!


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