When it rains, it pours

In the last couple of days I’ve developed a nasty cold.  Most other times, this would just be a pain for a few days, nothing more.  But after battling stomach ailments and migraines for the last couple of months (particularly this past month), I’m a bit worn out, and watching my cold build up made my heart sink.  When I think that we’re going to England in just three weeks, I begin to worry, so I’m now fighting a multi-fronted battle: stomach, migraine, cold (with the possibility of a sinus infection, always fun), and morale.

Thankfully, the semester is over and I don’t have deadlines for any of my work (yes, academics generally work through holidays).  But not having to haul myself up to teach my freshmen or to meet with my advisors or whatnot makes it hard to motivate myself to get up to do anything.  After a certain point, it’s just hard to motivate yourself when you know you’re the one making the reason to get up in the first place.  I think I’m about out of self-motivation, and I don’t want to lean too hard on Sydney (who is himself rather busy and preparing to leave the country).  Maybe I’ll turn to cooking . . . 🙂  I can’t taste anything, but I know what good food looks like, at least!


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