This is why we became parents!

As we might have predicted, the shift in country and situation is catching up with our kids, and we’re noticing some serious growth spurts in their language abilities recently.  Which mostly means that they’re frequently funny.  Now that the initial ruckus is calming, Sydney and I have more time to stop in the middle of what we’re doing to give each other a look over the kids’ heads as we try not to laugh. Today, for example, at the end of my solo-parent time with them, the kids came up with the following:

– Nathaniel was awake before Katherine after nap time, and he stuffed his Eeyore into the doll stroller and announced to me, “I’m going to go to the grocery store, and to pay the man there.”  Then he paused: “I need my list!”  Who is this two-year-old who not only understands where groceries come from, but that he needs to pay for them, and to head into the store with a cooking plan?

– Katherine, shortly after she woke up, responded to my request that she go upstairs to grab the cordless phone with, “I don’t think I am careful enough right now for that.  Maybe later.”


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