Sydney left early this morning for a short trip to Ithaca, since there’s a conference at Cornell that involves some of his favorite philosophers.  He’s arrived safely in Ithaca and is already torn between going straight to campus and stopping by the woods to do some birdwatching.  Now that he’s made it to town, maybe I should email the conference organizer to see if Sydney makes it to the conference . . .

Meanwhile, I’m having to call in some extra help to get through the end of this week.  David took the kids during my class this morning, and then brought them to school so they could join me for lunch in my office.  They really like visiting me here; apparently it takes awhile for Mom’s school to become old news, even if it’s just down the street from our house.  Nathaniel told me excitedly as we were leaving, “I want to go with you on the alligator!”

“The alligator?”

“Mmmm, ummm, the elevator!”

So we took the elevator down.



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