Green Space

Last weekend we took a really lovely hike with David and Lisa and their kids.  We haven’t done much hiking since we left Ithaca, and with six little kids in tow this time we only went about 1.5 miles, but I came away with a taste of success: we went on a hike, and I wasn’t carrying anyone when we finished!  I have stuck to stroller-friendly paths since the kids outgrew the backpack, but Katherine, in particular, seemed to have plenty of stamina.  Our hike was at the university horse farm just a mile from our house, and it included great paths that lead down to the winding Kentucky River.

In a slightly less rough-and-tumble vein, Sydney recently built us a set of planters for our front step, and, being Sydney, he couldn’t stick to a simple box.  Instead, we have this gorgeous tiered piece, and lots of seeds coming in the mail.  In the spring we’ll sow flowers, but for now we’re thinking of a slightly more practical use: lettuces and other greens for our dinner table.


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2 Responses to Green Space

  1. Kris says:

    That planter is gorgeous! Good work, Sydney. By the way, we are so happy for you all and your move to Kentucky. We are also very jealous to see pictures of some of our favorite people that now get to hang out a lot…without us…

  2. Erin says:

    Come down and join us . . . anytime 🙂

    I’m also holding out hope that being neighbors with Ohio will make it more likely that we come up to see you. We just need some time to recover from all of our recent travel!

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