He’s home!

Sydney got in Sunday evening and, though very tired, is in one piece.  Our boxes from Oxford also arrived unexpectedly today, so now we do truly have everyone and everything all under one roof.  The problem now is that everything is happening at once: he arrives, boxes arrive, school begins . . . it’s a bit crazy here at the moment, and I’m resigning myself to a storm-strewn house for awhile.  This morning I taught three classes and participated in the convocation ceremony (full academic gowns and all), and am scrambling to keep track of everything so that I appear cool and confident for my students.  But things are going well, and we can now begin the process of settling into a rhythm and developing a stable life and home for the kids.  We’re excited to get started.



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  1. Jenny P. says:

    Woohoo! So glad to hear you’re all back together again!

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