busy week

This was the last week of classes for the semester, and it sure was busy. Besides the normal stuff that keeps me busy, the faculty on the job search committee finally had the applicants narrowed down to the so-called ‘long list’, which is where I as a student on the committee get involved. Since the committee is meeting early next week, I read through fifty or so dossiers this week. Also, the graduate students in my department are hosting another visiting speaker this week and, since I’m somewhat involved with organizing this series of events, I picked up the speaker at the airport today and then had a lovely dinner with her and another student. All of this is either interesting or fun — well, maybe reading the dossiers is demoralizing — but it sure didn’t allow for much else.

In other news, my passport arrived in the mail today so one long ordeal is now officially over. By the time I go to bed tonight, the passport will be signed and locked in the fireproof safe.


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