I’ve recently had the chance to learn what a migraine is first-hand.  Three times in the past two weeks I’ve woken up with a migraine (thanks to my doctor for telling me what it is, even if he hasn’t yet found a way to make it go away).  When I realized I had one today, I was worried: my students’ papers are due at the beginning of next week, so I had a lot of conferencing (and consoling, and counseling) to be doing today, both before and after teaching class.  Thankfully, both conferences and teaching went well, in part due to my intense concentration on not spacing out what my students were saying.  Such good kids.  Nothing like a classroom full of students to make you pull out the reserves–which I only discover through some very fervent praying.  Poor Sydney–I don’t attempt to save face in front of him, so he gets the down parts.  Bless him for his patience and caring.


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  1. Heidi says:

    My sympathies. Be patient, sometimes it takes awhile to find a medication that works for you. It takes even longer to figure out what external/internal factor is triggering them.

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