Typically English

We’ve been working on all fronts recently, trying to get things prepared for our arrival in Kentucky, trying to wrap up research projects, and trying to make the most of our last bit of relatively stable time as a family.  We know all too well that once the kids get on the airplane in early June, they’re not going to come back down and behave normally again until sometime this fall.  So I’m pushing the fresh veggies and the “yes, please” and “no thank you” language in preparation for a yogurt/fruit/bread-filled summer of wildness with them.

I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow of my packing efforts, but I recently had the chance to combine a few items on our to-do list when I left the house with a copy of an article I needed to revise and headed to a wonderful little bed-and-breakfast called The Parsonage.  They serve the best afternoon tea, and I did the whole thing: the finger sandwiches, the cakes, the scones, and the big pot of house tea.  Thankfully, everything was small, but it was wonderful to work my way through such delicious snacks as I pushed through the first several pages of my article.  I did the same thing about six months ago when I was up against another tricky project, and, I have to say, I’m really going to miss a good afternoon tea when working at my desk or in a library just isn’t cutting it.  I cut through the University Parks on my way home and saw a game of cricket on my left and one of croquet on my right, just to complete my Perfectly English afternoon.


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