Wytham Woods

One of the few things we haven’t been able to fit in during our time in Oxford is a trip to the nearby Wytham Woods.  An old forest with many, many species of birds and butterflies, and trails and paths throughout: it seemed perfect for us.  So, Sydney finally found a way to get us there via public transportation, and we made a day of it today.  Both kids were cranky after a rough night, and they didn’t seem impressed by the woods.  So they spent the first hour making us regret coming–and that was before Nathaniel defied Sydney by burying his face in a patch of stinging nettles and yowling once he realized why Sydney had warned him away.

But things improved rapidly.  Nathaniel took a surprise nap, and the rest of us were able to settle in and enjoy the walk in peace.  With plenty of snacks and water, we had a great time.  It is just the sort of place that we like, and it is tricky with small children who have limited attention spans and stamina.  But on days like today I can see those kinds of walks re-entering our lives.  I made both kids walk a good mile or more at the end of the walk, which secured their docility on the bus ride home (“Oh, such peaceable children!” said the elderly lady sitting nearby).  Did I mention that today is also the first truly sunny day in months?



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