A simpler life

We confirmed this week that the kids will be able to attend a day care down the street from Asbury on week-day afternoons.  We’ll also be renting a house from the university, so from the house to my office to the day care is less a half-mile walk.  We’re doing well on the live-local front!  I am looking forward to keeping some things simple as we adjust to a new country, new jobs, and new community.

This morning the kids helped me make pumpkin rice pudding, so we counted in the eggs in the following manner:

Nathaniel: “One!”

Erin and Katherine: “One.”

“Two!  Three!”


“Four!  Five!  Six!”


“Seven!  Nine!”


And so on.  He was up to twelve or thirteen by the time I got to nine.  I was reminded of the way I used to rattle off numbers when my mom was counting out cups of flour when I was a kid: “One, Two, Four, Seventy-Seven!  Six, four, three-and-a-half!”  I was trying to annoy her, but here I think Nathaniel was just impatient with my slowness.




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