Because that’s just how things go sometimes . . .

Okay, one trip to the emergency room: kids will be kids.  But now we’ve had a second.  Does that move us to “danger! danger!” territory?  This morning, while I was up early, sauteeing leeks in my pajamas for our lunch with a new family, Nathaniel walked into the kitchen crying, with blood trickling down his forehead.  He had apparently tried copying Katherine, who was jumping from a small table onto the couch.  I gather that Nathaniel, who has been accident-prone all week, missed the couch and hit the radiator.

After I got a good look at the cut, I realized he’d need stitches, so in about ten minutes I’d called Sydney down, called a taxi, and he took over cooking (five minutes after getting up) while I whisked Nathaniel to the emergency room.  He’ll be fine, and the emergency-room people were very nice to him as they glued his cut shut (they even gave him a teddy bear to take home), but I’m feeling a bit traumatized.  This happened while I was on duty!

Nathaniel and I got home just after our company arrived, and we found Sydney gamely entertaining after pulling off all the cooking in my absence.  I can only imagine how the scene must look to our visitors, a family with one child, and that one just a year old.  We really are a bunch of hooligans!  Now I’m trying to figure out whether I should pledge not to do any dishes or anything that involves taking my eyes off the kids, or whether I just need to do more praying as I work in the kitchen.  While I’m sorting that out, I’m sure the kids will grow and change and we’ll move on to another phase, but I really can’t say I like seeing my little guy all banged up.


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2 Responses to Because that’s just how things go sometimes . . .

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    There’s nothing like a head wound to pour out what you think are gallons of blood. Poor grandma’s baby. How do you intend to keep your eyes on your kids when they and their friends begin driving…?

    By the way, did your guests know that you sauteed the leeks in your pajamas?

  2. Heidi says:

    Maybe she won’t let them go out with kids when their friends begin driving… ahem… 🙂 I believe that I recall an incident after a certain friend started driving when father-of-the-bride would not let Erin ride in said friend’s car to the mall!

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