A great week

After a few days of wondering what I’ve gotten myself into for the summer (so many projects, so much traveling, and so little time), I am feeling quite happy with things here in Oxford.  To be perfectly honest, I’ve finally gotten some article revisions going after having them haunt me for several months, and that has done a great deal to make me feel fabulous.  I know: nerd heaven.  But we have several things going on this week that would make even normal people happy:

– Tomorrow, April 10th, is Katherine’s birthday.  She’ll be four years old!  She has requested blueberry muffins for her birthday (hey, can’t argue with that), and we happen to have invited another family over for lunch that day, too, so the house should feel quite festive.  Katherine is keen to meet and look after the toddler who will be joining us, and she’s already started lecturing Nathaniel about being careful around the baby.

– On Friday I’ll be having a pair of Asbury students over for tea.  I met one of them last week, and really enjoyed the chance to talk Asbury, Oxford, and literature.  I don’t usually bake for my students, but you can’t really have English tea without a good scone or some other baked good, so we’ll see what I can come up with.

– On Saturday, Sydney and I have tickets to an early-music concert by a great group called The Sixteen.  The concert will be held in Christ Church Cathedral, or, the rather grand Oxford college in which the Harry Potter movies were filmed.  Even more significantly, it will be a date!  One of very few in our house!



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  1. Lisa says:

    So glad to hear that you’re checking some of those projects off the to-do list! I hope the mix of steady progress and celebration continues for you as the summer gets underway.

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