Cooking with the kids

Katherine and I arrived home from the grocery store the other day to find the boys hard at work in the kitchen:

Today, when the kids and I got home from another grocery trip (yes, we make them frequently) we formed an assembly line: I reached deep into the bottom of the stroller in the hallway to haul out canned fruit and yogurt containers, and I handed them off to the kids to carry into the kitchen.  When I was finally done, I discovered that they’d not only put the peanut butter and other jars on the counter, ready for the upper cupboards, but they’d also stacked the canned peaches in the lower cupboards where we store them.  Nathaniel was clearly torn about the yogurt: he knows he is not supposed to open the fridge (though it’s the perfect size for him, and right at his level!), but he desperately wanted to be able to put the eight containers of yogurt away.  So I let him help.


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