A nice Friday

On Friday, when I brought the kids home from nursery, they both presented me with Mother’s Day cards (yes, it’s earlier here in England), complete with yellow-handprint flowers and a poem inside.  Their poor teachers were working hard that morning!  I was also given, with an air of great mystery, two small tissue-paper packages, which I opened to find—fudge!  The kids were both quite curious about these small brown chunks, and it was only when I popped pieces in their mouths that they understood why their teachers hadn’t given the fudge directly to the kids to wrap up and give to Mom.  So, we had a nice little treat on the way to nap, and Katherine gave me an extra kiss and hug, since she somehow got that the point of all this was to be extra-nice to Mom.


I also learned through email that I’ve had a paper accepted for this year’s Faulkner conference, so I’ll be making my way to Oxford, Mississippi in July to enjoy the conference for the third time in my life.  This year it’s on Faulkner and black writers; as a Faulknerian who has recently started work on Toni Morrison, this suits me perfectly!  Except that my paper is actually on Faulkner and W.E.B. DuBois, just for fun, so I have some work to do between now and July.  Cue Sydney:



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