Ay, there’s the rub

Katherine has been keen on following me around this past week, since her coughing is making her a bit clingy.  Thankfully, she doesn’t seem to mind if I just do household tasks while she follows, with regular stops for cuddling and book-reading sessions.  But somewhere in the middle of her running commentary on life, peppered with “why?” questions, her observations have become more astute:

When watching me fish a bit of peppermint leaf out of Nathaniel’s tea: “Why do only grown-ups get to stick their fingers in the glass?”

When watching me set out work clothes for an upcoming trip: “Why don’t you wear those on normal days?  Why do you need special clothes?”

When watching me examine the spots that have popped up all over Nathaniel’s stomach and face in what looks like (sorry, Sydney) chicken pox: “Why are you laughing?  His spots aren’t funny.”

Ah, Katherine.



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