Let’s just get this over with

I keep looking for cute things to post, particularly for the friends (worse than the grandparents, actually!) who demand pictures of the kiddos.  But our house has been filled with other things recently, so I’m just going to get this list out there:

– Sydney brought the flu back from the US.  It nearly killed him off.  Then he gave it to me and, judging from his expression, I didn’t come out looking so hot, either.

– Sydney developed an ear infection.  I may have one, too.  I tease him that we’re preparing for old age: “SYDNEY!  HEY!  GIVE ME YOUR GOOD EAR!”

– Nathaniel broke his leg.  He’s actually been a sweetie about it, though he’s now starting to give us the sense that he thinks of his family as a lineup of servants as he points imperiously to things he wants.

– Last night we had–how do I put this–violent vomiting from both kids.  It seems they’ve picked up the norovirus that has the UK in a grip right now.  They’re recovering, I think, but it’s still a bit unpleasant for all.  I’m now compulsively scrubbing all surfaces of the house.

Here’s hoping that we can duck out of the illness and accident assembly line soon.  Plenty of other good things are going on, but it would be nice if we had the energy and good health to appreciate them!


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