Christmas at our house

Katherine, next to the crescents she rolled for me:

Mom, Sydney, and I shared the cooking for our feast.  Three cooks definitely make it easier, even if our kitchen is a bit small for us to be in there at the same time:Nathaniel gets the evil eye when he tries to claim some of the cornbread:

The kids’ first real experience with wrapping paper:

We had our Christmas celebration on the 23rd, since Sydney caught a plane on the 24th for his conference in Atlanta.  He was lucky, though, to get an overnight layover in Halifax, so he got to spend Christmas Eve and the wee hours of Christmas Day with his parents and brother.  He’ll be back on New Year’s Day, but from our Skype conversations he seems to be faring pretty well in a hotel full of philosophers, and I am sure he’s glad to leave the Birdsongs to things in Oxford for a bit.


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