School Christmas Play

This evening I took the kids up to their nursery so that they could take part in a Christmas play–and I could join the gaggle of doting parents with cameras at the back.  We had a magical walk.  I was afraid we were running late, so I moved us along at a good clip and thus wasn’t cold in the sub-freezing temperatures (unusual for England).  It had snowed a tiny bit earlier in the day, and the kids and I enjoyed the gorgeous trees and shrubs on our walk, while I was grateful to have the stroller to keep me from falling flat on the ice.  The night was cold and clear, so I could show Katherine the stars for the first time in a long time.  And we had a good time at the play.  Neither of my kids contributed much.  Nathaniel sat obediently in front, swiveling his head to keep up with the action.  He’s supposed to be a “star” in his yellow shirt:

Katherine, meanwhile, had donned her usual impenetrable/sullen expression when she saw how many people were there, and her teachers wisely put her at the back.  She, in grey, is a “shepherd.”  I love the contrast between her expression and that of Mary in the background:

And then, thankfully, it was all over and there were delicious mince pies to be had by all:


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