Christmas decorations

This year I am sticking to a few Christmas decorations that 1) do not cost much 2) I will not want to take with me when we move (disposable Christmas, anyone?) 3) Katherine and Nathaniel can help make 4) will not take up much room in our tiny, low-ceilinged house and 5) are either indestructible or up high (Nathaniel can help make, but then we put them beyond his reach).  So we’ve come up with this:

Best of all, though, my parents will be spending Christmas with us, and that really will make everything feel like a holiday, even if Sydney and I will each disappear for a couple of days during their visit to fly to the US for job interviews.  So it’s not just Katherine who is counting down the days to Christmas!


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2 Responses to Christmas decorations

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    The house looks so festive! Love the tree! Does the chain over the doorway brush the top of Sydney’s head? Tell Katherine that her chains look lovely!

    • Erin says:

      Thanks, Mom. Yes, the chain does make Sydney have to duck in that doorway. But when I asked if I should move it, he shrugged: he has to duck in pretty much every other doorway in this house, so he’s kind of used to it already.

      By now we’ve hadded cinnamon heart ornaments to our craft list. Katherine actually helped quite a lot with those, messy as those are. Nathaniel, in a devious mood due to his cold, grabbed one and stuffed it in his mouth. Not surprisingly, he soon had cinnamon rivers running down his shirt as he tried to figure out what went wrong.

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