Parents and children

Sydney and I are busy this week: he gives a talk in London on Friday and I give one here in Oxford next Wednesday.  As we were both sitting down to start our papers, we realized that I will be giving a full-length lecture for the first time (roughly an hour), and he will be delivering a shorter paper for the first time (roughly half an hour).  Unfortunately, Sydney will have a hard time condensing, and I’ll be scrambling to prepare for a lengthy talk on new material.  So, a busy week ahead of us!  And, of course, the kids are up at night with the latest cold . . .

Nathaniel’s new words are really making us laugh recently.  On sitting down with a thump when he meant just to bend down: “Oh dear!”  And, whenever I ask if he’s seen something that’s gone missing, or if I ask what he’s been doing, he promptly tells me that it got put in the fireplace (our house’s place-where-things-cannot-be-retrieved), and confesses, “‘thaniel did it.”  Apparently his sister’s constant tattling on him is having an effect.


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