garden varia

  • We ate our last watermelon today.
  • In happier news, we dug up some sweet potatoes today. They were gigantic. Quite a few of them were over 2 lbs. apiece. One was a good foot long. So it appears that one can grow sweet potatoes this far north.
  • We also had some large regular potatoes, with the largest one weighing in at just a hair under 2 lbs.
  • I’m gaining weight.

– Sydney

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One Response to garden varia

  1. fustianist says:

    Sydney’s mom thought his weight gain (admittedly, pretty small) had something to do with my cooking–HA! The funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

    I saw Sydney take a photograph of his tubers this afternoon, so you may eventually see a picture of big pink and white blobs. I know you’re just itching to see them now . . .


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