A girls’ day out at the museum

Katherine is technically on a school schedule at nursery, so this week she is off for fall break, along with the rest of the school kids in the area.  After a bit of thought, I decided to take her to Oxford’s Museum of Natural History, which happens to be just down our road and is housed in a gorgeous building.

Katherine really enjoyed the chance to sleep in while I took Nathaniel to nursery, and she liked the long cuddle we had when I got back.  She scootered to the museum and then alongside me when it was time to pick up Nathaniel.  She and I both enjoyed the chance to visit the exhibits without having to chase after her younger brother, and she was impressed by the dinosaur bones, collections of shells–and all of the other kids on holiday who were there for an outing.  Yes, despite her facial expression in these pictures, I think she did actually have fun.

When instructed to smile:


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