Winter is coming

On our walk through the parks today, I met the guard at the gate with “I am watching the clock!”  He warned me that they will be moving up the gate-locking time again tomorrow.  It’s now dark at 6pm, and pitch-black by 7.  I think we’re diving right into late-fall weather, too, with things a bit wet and windy.  So, it’s time to dig out the hats and mittens!


We decided to have an English breakfast for dinner today: scrambled eggs, a side of mushrooms/bell pepper/onions, and baked beans.  The kids were quite happy (protein-lovers that they are), and it was nice to keep things simple this evening.


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2 Responses to Winter is coming

  1. Flora says:

    Aww, the height discrepancy between the two is really amazing! Ms. K. has grown so much and it shows in her expressions too. 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    I have many not-so-fond memories of rushing from the Sainsbury’s to get to the gate before they locked up! I forgot how short the daylight hours are too.

    We’ve had some winter hat mornings here in Chicago too — 29 degrees my first morning of work last week! In true Midwestern fashion, it was 61 degrees this morning, so we still have quite a range in fall 🙂

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