Overheard through the baby monitor

[Rustle, rustle, as the kids wake up from naps]


“Why do you say, ‘goodness’?  Say ‘lamp.'”

“Lamp.” [This, I assume, as he’s looking out the window to the streetlamp.  And pointing, getting fingerprints all over my window.]

“Say ‘bird.'”


“We have a lamp inside our house, too. Say ‘dog.'”


“No tractor, ‘thaniel.  Do you mean ‘truck’?”


“Yes, there is a truck on the street.  But no tractor.”

[Then a whole discussion about trucks, trains, and tractors, complete with “choo choo” “chug chug” and “beep beep” after they name each machine.  You see why I let this go on for about ten minutes before getting them?  I love that they can hold a conversation, however lopsided.  And I love that Katherine can’t control where the conversation goes, no matter how hard she tries.]


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