They’re off

Sydney and Katherine are, for the most part, packed and ready to go to Nova Scotia tomorrow morning.  As part of the craziness that accompanies travel, we had a few things pop up:

– Katherine dropped the bathtub plug down the crack into the depths of the water heater cupboard, so Sydney had to do some manoeuvring to bathe late this evening.

– In the process of loading photos from our camera, I somehow managed to freeze Sydney’s computer, which is apparently quite a feat for a computer running on Linux.  So, with many apologies, I left him to set things to rights while I made dinner.  Oops.

– Katherine has been very resistant to returning to English time this past week, since that means going to bed earlier than it feels like she should.  She has no problem going west and staying up, but east is a very different thing.  Nathaniel, meanwhile, was off his clock, too, so we think we had four different internal clocks going on in our house this past week.  When Sydney and Katherine return from Nova Scotia in August, we’ll have two weeks to get her not only back to English time, but to get her rising earlier than she’s used to, so that we can get her to nursery by 8am.

Speaking of nursery, in my attempts to wear her out a bit in preparation for tomorrow’s flight, I took the kids out and had Katherine scooter with me toward the parks.  On an impulse, I decided to take her all the way to the nursery, so that I could remind her of the school she’ll be attending in the fall.  She scootered all of the 1.8 miles there, and walked and scootered the entire way back.  Nathaniel, clearly wanting his bed, was happy to ride and watch.

As of tomorrow morning, this is going to be my constant, sole companion for the next month:

Not too shabby, eh?  But you should see him empty all the kitchen drawers in two minutes flat.



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