Holiday? Major work week? Both?

Early tomorrow morning Sydney will catch a flight to Ithaca, where he’ll be giving a paper at a conference later this week.  He is, as you might expect, working furiously to get the logistics taken care of and the paper ready to go.  I think he’s quite happy to return “home,” but he might wish he could do it under less work pressure.  Meanwhile, I’m looking at a solid week of childcare and hoping that I will have enough resources to keep the house running without getting tense in the process.  I know that we will have the most fun if I put in some effort to make our time together special, with lots of outings to parks and playgrounds so that I’m not torn between playing with them and house chores, but it does definitely take some energy (and reckless disregard for public humiliation?) to get us rounded up and out the door.

Wish us both luck 🙂


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