Notes on the previous post

– Although Katherine appears to be standing in the middle of a prairie, she is, in fact, standing in our back yard.  The guy who mows the college properties appeared about a month ago (when it was raining incessantly), saw short grass, said he’d leave it for a bit, and hasn’t returned since.  I hope he doesn’t: the kids love the tall grass, and they’re quite excited by the tiny flowers that are growing up amongst the grasses as well.

– Nathaniel has been pulling off his socks (and stuffing them in the radiator, throwing them in the bathtub, you name it) for the past month, so I’m quite happy that he no longer need to wear them very often.  I have been letting him sit in the front seat in the stroller, so as we make our way down the streets of Oxford his bare toes lead the way.

– Although we have a lovely grassy patch in the back garden, both kids insist on spending most of their time exploring the concrete and crumbling brick at the very front.  Go figure.  Although I love having a garden (my kitchen windows overlook it, so I can keep an eye on them while cooking or step out to intervene), their love of all things not kid-proof means I more often than not just pack them up and take them to the parks nearby.  There we find bigger expanses of grass and fewer fungi.


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