Nathaniel produced a new word today, and, yes, it melts the heart.

He’s also really picking up on things we say, much to our surprise.  When I start to sing the “Clap Your Hands” song he immediately starts clapping; when I sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” he starts to rock back and forth, and I think I even heard him join in with a “roar” the other day (this version of the song has lions, bears and crocodiles).  So far he says “ball,” “wa-wa” (water), “app-ah” (apple), “up-uh” (up-up), “nana” (banana), and “num-num.”

Katherine is thrilled, and she’s already trying to get him to say her name.  I made a few futile attempts to explain that “Katherine” is a bit beyond his current range, but then I gave up, since it’s really cute seeing her trying to teach him, complete with full-on Katherine charm.


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