Two weeks ago I took away Nathaniel’s pacifier.  He was already sleeping pretty restlessly (as in, after a few rough nights I figured we had nothing to lose), and we were tired of having to hunt up the pacifier when it dropped out of his mouth and thus woke him up.  The loss of the pacifier sent him hunting up new sleeping positions, and I had to put him in the crib because he was crawling all over the bed, at all hours of the night.  I was afraid he’d slide off and wander down the stairs while I slept!  So, poor little guy, he suddenly found himself bereft of pacifier, his bed, and his mom, all while working through teething and a nasty cold!  But, after some rough nights, he seems to be coming out of the cold and trying out longer nights now that he’s settling into his crib.  For the past two nights, he’s slept eight-hour stretches, and I’ve had some of my best sleep in a very, very long time.  Sydney, unfortunately, has caught the cold, and thus has been up all night with his own stuffy head for the past few days.  Eventually, maybe, we’ll get everyone in the house sleeping at the same time.  Then I’ll see if Nathaniel can sleep without me in the room (so I can get some work done!  or make a cup of tea!), but this is already a big change and a big help.


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  1. Laura says:

    Yay for sleep!! So glad to hear you’re seeing improvement, and I hope Sydney’s feeling better soon!

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