How fitting: Nathaniel’s first word

On the evening of Nathaniel’s birthday we heard him say his first word: “ball.”  Of course, being a little guy, it sounds pretty much like “baa.”  But he says it consistently when he’s asked to go get a ball, or when he sees one and makes a beeline for it.  He also responds when we say “ball,” looking around for one to bring or throw to us.  Given how much he loves to throw balls, it’s not surprising.  The big test, of course, is whether he says “mama” or “dada” first.  Katherine chose Sydney, so, Nathaniel, I’m counting on you to even things out!


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  1. Lisa says:

    I love the stage when toddlers are learning new words. It’s fun to see what they come up with. For quite awhile David and I both answered to “Ma-pa.”

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