Desperate measures

Late last night, as I was staring down yet another bad night of sleep with busy little Nathaniel, I decided it was time to wean him from his pacifier, as a first step to getting him to sleep on his own.  At the moment he sleeps only if 1) he wants to 2) a parent is sitting or sleeping with him 3) and the light is off.  So you can see why we’re going crazy here.  It was a pretty rough night, and a not-so-nice birthday present for him, but I am hoping that it’s the first step to better sleep for all of us.  Weaning helped considerably (he’s not waking every hour-and-a-half!), but we need to get him to sleep on his own so that he has more opportunities for sleep during the day.  And so that his mother doesn’t go crazy, sweet as it is to cuddle up with him sometimes.


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