My son

Exactly one year ago, I was crawling up the stairs to get Sydney so that we could go to the hospital, from which we’d just returned (via a lovely walk through the parks) after a checkup.  I was, frankly, quite worried, since my first experience of childbirth had left a few bad memories, and the doctors here had seemed somewhat worried about my size late in the pregnancy–a pregnancy that had taken place in three countries, among a lot of other life changes.  My parents were quite anxious, since they had to return home in just a few more days and they had not yet met their new grandchild.

Little did I know that we would have a big, gorgeous son born shortly after Valentine’s Day ended in the UK, and shortly before it would end in the States.

Little did I know how shocked I would be when the nurses turned to Sydney with: “Well, Dad, what do we have?” and I realized that I was now the mother of not only a daughter, but a son as well.

Little did I know that labor would be quite different this time around, and that I would not only walk out of the hospital, but would be tempted to walk home from the hospital (2 miles) with my new baby.

Little did I know that he would hold to newborn patterns (eating and sleeping every hour or so) for a long, long time.

Little did I know that he would be such a good cuddler.

Little did I know that he would be holding his own against Katherine by the time he reached a year, in appetite, size, and will, though with a very different temperament from the one that had dominated our house for the previous two years.

Little did I know that he would charm all three of us, Katherine not least of all.

Little did I know that Sydney would be so in love with a little boy, after all his talk about how cute little girls are.

Little did I know how the heart makes room for more, much as I’d hoped for that very thing.

Happy birthday, Nathaniel.  We look forward to many more surprises from you.


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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    We gran-grans knew there was room in the heart to love another child as deeply as the first. Happy birthday to our beloved Nathaniel.

  2. elizabeth says:


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