Almost there . . .

What’s better than having one kid working on molars?  How about two?  When your spouse is away?  Both kids are following me around the house, crying piteously, so it’s making it a bit difficult to envision this weekend as one big play session, but I’ll do my best, with the help of a playgroup or two.  This is Sydney’s fourth work trip in two months, and we’re all looking forward to having him home for a more normal routine in the near future.

We’re also having one of our few cold spells, so neither kid is thrilled about stroller rides.  Me being me, however, I tell myself it’s important to get them out, regardless of weather, so they resign themselves to lots of blankets and bitter winds.  Good for preparing them for North American winter!

On the other hand, both kids have been growing a lot recently.  Nathaniel fits perfectly in his 18-month clothes, and the top of Katherine’s head is at my waistline.  He is responding to his name and favorite words (like “ball), and she is undertaking more and more complex “missions” for me in the house.  Yesterday I asked her to tell Sydney that supper was ready, and, after she had disappeared for twenty minutes, I found her settled in on the top floor with her dad.  She had taken the opportunity to camp out with him before conveying her message: “Supper ready!”


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  1. Laura says:

    Oh my, hang in there! Sounds rough… even with Jared here, I’m having the kind of week where one kid seems like more than enough! Hopefully the playgroups and fresh air will help!

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