Education, of a sort

We’ve been working with Katherine on her letters, but we have very different teaching styles.  I try to speak very slowly and carefully, working with words and objects that Katherine already knows.  “‘V’ is for ‘vacuum!’  ‘I’ is for ‘ice cream!'”  I was working downstairs this morning, however, while Sydney and Katherine played, and I got to hear a bit of their dialogue: “‘V’ is for ‘vascular.’  ‘I’ is for ‘ibis.'”  I can’t tell whether he’s doing it just to make me raise an eyebrow . . . or whether this is how he usually talks to her!  Thankfully, Katherine seems to ignore us both as makes her piles of “tiny” letters and “big” letters.  Sydney has a bunch of letters tucked into his shirt pocket as he lies on the couch.  I have a small pile of “E”s (big and small) sitting next to my computer.  Clearly “‘E’ is for ‘Erin'” got through to her somewhere in there.


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