Recently the kids seem to be able to reach all sorts of things that used to be (and, in my mind, still should be) out of reach.  Katherine now has to duck when I open the upper bathroom cupboard; when we first moved here she was several inches out of reach, and I’d wondered whether she would remain below it for our entire time in England.  I guess that shows how difficult I find it to anticipate changes!  When she pulls up a chair, she can nearly reach the canisters in the upper kitchen cupboards; when she gets there, she’ll be able to help herself to the raisin bin (which she can, of course, open).  I still don’t know how we’ve managed to keep her out of the fridge, since it’s just her size and situated below the kitchen counter.

The other day I came home in the evening to find all of our shoes spread out on the floor and what remained of the shoe rack perched high on other furniture; apparently Nathaniel had spent his time tearing the (admittedly, poorly-made) wooden shoe rack to pieces, so our prior arrangement was now out of the question.  Today Nathaniel was hunting around the lower kitchen cupboards, having discovered an entire roll of fun paper towels there earlier in the day.  He then reached up and grabbed the pull for the silverware drawer, enjoying the ride as it slid open.  He can’t quite reach in for the knives yet, but good grief!


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  1. Heidi says:

    Sounds like you guys need those drawer/cupboard latches! When I was a kid, I thought they were locks. Year later, I discovered that I just wasn’t intelligent or perceptive or dextruous enough to move the latch while pulling the drawer/door. Hopefully, your children aren’t either 🙂

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