our charming son

There is a two-hour period of the day during which Nathaniel is consistently the most charming, vivacious, inquisitive, happy baby one could imagine. He contentedly crawls around the room, exploring everything. He looks up every few seconds to beam at me with his big, goofy grin. If I so much as bother to touch him, he bursts out with laughter. If his charm doesn’t bring me over frequently enough, he’ll occasionally come over to me for a bit of happy cuddling (and he does know how to cuddle, unlike Katherine who better knows how to use one as a springboard). Care to guess what time of the day this is?

First clue: Erin is already in bed.

Exactly. It’s not daytime. It’s ten to twelve at night, to be precise. His charms do not extend to showing any inclination to go to sleep. But he really does make it difficult to dislike him for it.

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