Nathaniel on the move

Wednesday evening, when we finally arrived home, Nathaniel decided to make his move.  I set him on the floor while I unpacked, but when I looked up I realized he was several feet from where I’d set him down.  I put him back, got busy, and found that he’d moved again by the time I checked on him.  He’d apparently decided that two days in a carseat, with his feet in the air, was enough sitting on his rear.  He’s now officially crawling!

Except that it’s apparently a very frustrating activity.  He complains a great deal as he does it, and it looks awkward.  Unlike Katherine, who was stiff as a board, unable to move arm or leg as she remained poised on her fingers and toes, Nathaniel looks like he’s swimming.  Arms and legs move fluidly, and even when he’s sitting he’s rocking back and forth on his rear.  At the moment he’s just a lot of trouble: he gets stuck in corners, under furniture, and he loves to make his way over to his grandmother’s stack of magazines (where the pages make a satisfying crunch as he rips, wrinkles, and chews).  I would say he’s going to perfect his technique very soon, except that he’s much more interested in pulling himself up on furniture.  A day after crawling, he was pulling himself into a standing position with the help of low tables, grabbing for anything he could reach on their surfaces.  Funny, I think he’s doing all this without ever mastering the art of rolling over . . .


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