Big words, little naps

Katherine has suddenly come out with a few three-syllable words recently, and it’s clear that she’s enjoying them.  She’s been tripping around the house, saying “ah-di-dot” (apricot) and “un-der-neath” as often as possible.  Everything is now “underneath”; it reminds me of my students’ tendencies to sprinkle “educated” terms in every sentence, a spell that lasts for an amusing three weeks after they first learn the words.

Nathaniel, however, is regressing a bit, charming as he is.  Not only is he not sleeping through the night, he’s not interested in sleeping for more than an hour at a time for a big chunk of the night.  I’m feeling a bit on my last leg here (I also feel like I should make some terrible joke about legs falling asleep, but I won’t), but I know that I am, by now, on my fifth or sixth leg, so I’m going to just hang in there and hope it passes.  A bit too zonked to really work with him at night (not that I’m much of a night owl even in the best of times), but hoping that he eases up.  I’m in the final stretch of the dissertation, starting the rewrites that will consume me for the next month before I send the whole mess off to my advisors, and it would be great to have some sleep for this stage!


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2 Responses to Big words, little naps

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    Ugh! Such a little stinker, that Nathaniel! We may have to take late night rides or something to wear him down!

  2. Laura Peifer says:

    So sorry to hear about the rough nights… I hope it’s a very short phase!

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