Our kids share my nationality (American) but not Sydney’s (Canadian).  Canada has recently tightened its rules for conferring citizenship on children of its citizens.  Since Sydney was born in Belize, Canada is reluctant to confer citizenship on his children, even though he spent most of his youth in Canada.  If we wanted to get Canadian citizenship for the kids we’d have a fight on our hands unless we decide to relocate there permanently.  If the kids had been born there, they would likely be eligible for both US and Canadian citizenship.  Britain, interestingly enough, does not confer citizenship on individuals simply because they were born in the UK; Nathaniel would only be eligible for UK citizenship if we spent the first ten years of his life here (which is definitely not part of our plan).  The US, however, conferred citizenship to Nathaniel with minimal effort from me: I simply had to be an American citizen who spent five years (two after the age of 14) in my home country.  Done!


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