Just Because

Just because that is how things go with kids, precisely one hour before her grandparents were due to arrive Katherine pulled a small empty bookcase over onto herself.  It took all of two seconds, and I couldn’t get around the furniture in time to keep it from following her down.  Much crying ensues.  After I determined that she was alright, I thought 1) this isn’t going to look good when Sydney and his parents walk in the door 2) we need to travel with her soon, which isn’t going to be easy if it looks like we beat her up 3) is she going to get a black eye for all of her “grandparents visiting” photos???

So far it’s just a couple of pink spots on her brow and cheek, but we’ll see what she looks like after her nap.



P.S. One hour after her grandparents arrived, Katherine had racked up another few bumps and bruises, and Nathaniel had joined in the fun by bashing himself in the head with a toy that he was swinging.  These kids!

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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    When you were about 18 months old, we were en route to visit family in the south. Along the way we stopped to have a picnic lunch – your father stumbled over you, and you tripped on large gravel and suffered a nasty gash. We had to go to a nearby hospital and they applied a butterfly bandage to your cheek…during the whole process the hospital kept your father and me in different rooms to check our stories. So – imagine how it looked when we arrived to visit family…

    Stuff happens. Give her an extra hug and kiss from this grandma.

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