The Embassy

On Tuesday we caught an early bus to London so that we could appear at the embassy and get Nathaniel’s citizenship and passport papers started.  The bus was nearly an hour late, and we almost gave up and turned back home, assuming we wouldn’t make the appointment, but we did.  When I saw that the waiting room in the embassy had a kids’ play area I realized we were in for a bit of a wait 🙂  But things went smoothly and we were out of there before the kids got too fussy.  I’d put off the visit for four months, not wanting to drag brand-new Nathaniel on such a trip, but I saw that several families had brought in their tiny newborns for the process.  We’d planned a nice walk through Hyde Park afterwards, with a picnic, and I brought the camera along in the hopes that we’d get to take cute pictures of our kids.  We ended up getting doused by a thunderstorm, however, and we finally made a run for it, catching a bus in our rather damp clothes.  I have a feeling we’ll need to return to the city pretty soon to get Nathaniel a UK visa (oh joy!), so maybe we can give that another shot.


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