Oh, come on: that’s just mean

The sniffles quickly escalated into full-blown colds in the kids, and I’m now coming down with it, too.  Nathaniel just gives cute little croaks, but Katherine knows that something is wrong and sobs around the house, “Ow, ow, ow.”  I feel your pain, honey.

Dinner, however, was great.  Our friends were very easygoing, and the four kids were very entertaining; Katherine had one a year older than her and one a year younger, so she had great playmates.  We had salads, naan, a rhubarb-lentil curry, and cream-cheese stuffed apricots topped with pistachios.  Plus a walk in the parks.  We are really sad that it’s a farewell dinner, though.  Something tells me we’ll be having a lot of those in our academic lives.


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