We’ve been very lucky to have a number of friends swing by our place in their travels.  One of my college roommates, Courtney, happens to be finishing up her philosophy Ph.D. here, one of Sydney’s colleagues from Cornell, Flora, is spending the semester in Oxford and will be returning next year for a stint in London, and several of Sydney’s former professors have appointments here and have been very kind about having us over and cooing over the kids.  David visited us in April, and Lisa, my roommate and bridesmaid, will be spending the day with us next week.  We’re hoping to see more of Lisa since she’s just taken a position in Switzerland for the next few years.  It’s not England, but by our new standards it’s practically our backyard!  It’s great to have so many friends from home pay us a visit, particularly since our travel is now ruled less by affection and whim than by serious planning and three intercontinental (i.e., expensive) plane tickets.

Tonight we’re having dinner with Kevin and Allison and their two young children.  They’re from the States but have been in England this past year while Kevin is on a fellowship.  They leave at the end of the week, however, to return home to Idaho to resume normal life.  They have really made use of their time here, visiting numerous countries with their kids in tow; we hope that their sense of adventure rubs off on us!


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