A Successful Outing

We did indeed get our outing at Blenheim, and we had a nicer day than I could have expected.  We were out the door for an early bus, the weather was perfect (warm, but not overly so, sunny, and just the slightest breeze), and the kids seemed up for an adventure.  After we had a pheasant come beg food from us like a pigeon, we hopped on the train.  Neither kid was as serious about it as they look here:

Once at the kids’ area we toured the lavender garden and the butterfly house (very pretty!), and then I let Katherine loose on the numerous playground sets.

Once I had sufficiently tuckered Katherine out with the playground I loaded everything up and we headed out for a long walk in the grounds.  Both kids were great.  Katherine got down to walk a number of times, but she happily munched her sandwiches while I took her on a tour of the oak trees.


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