Our cat, the challah-lover

Our cat has strange tastes.  She walks by food on the counter, totally not interested, and doesn’t even seem curious to know what we have on our plates.  She regularly watches as I cook, not bothering any of the ingredients spread out on the counter.  Oh yes, and she didn’t eat the bit of raw tuna Nelson gave her recently.  She likes rubber bands, however, and green plants (particularly poisonous ones), and out of pure boredom she takes a bite out of corners of book covers or other pieces of paper.  Today she climbed up into my lap while I was eating challah and seemed pretty interested in it, proceeding to wolf down the bite I gave her.  That’s one straaaange kitty.


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    TThere’s nothing straaaange about the cat – she fits well into the straaaange household.

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