Strawberry Season

A few days ago we picked strawberries at a local farm, washed them, chopped off the green, and stuck them in our freezer.  The annual produce run has begun!  Gorgeous fruit lying in big mounds on the counter as it dried, bowls of particularly good strawberries stashed around the room–it’s a good thing.  And no, we didn’t carefully freeze each berry on a cookie sheet before bagging them, to ensure that they wouldn’t stick together.  Maybe that works if you have 35 strawberries, but it certainly doesn’t work if you have 35 pounds of strawberries to freeze.

The past week has been a really good one at our house, with lots of gardening, some quiet reading, and good food at our house.  It may sound pretty simple, but after a long academic year with a pretty intense schedule of classes, work, and teaching, simple is more than usually wonderful.


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